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Say what??? What’s the reason 4 the season?

December 15, 2010

Lately our ministry has been involved in many Radio & Television broadcast Interviews.  The prevalent theme is based upon the fact that many in the church and outside of the Faith are finding it ‘inconvenient’ to believe in some very basic biblical principles, ‘Old Paths’ if you will allow the analogy from a recent sermon at the church we attend, Free Chapel in Georgia.  One of those basic premises that Jesus taught on frequently was the reality of the existence of Hell.  Many argue “how could a loving God first create such a horrific place and secondly send unbelievers and unrepentant sinners there?  That leads me to my title..God in fact doesn’t send anyone to Hell, as 2Peter 3:9 mentions, “..He desires nome to perish”.  People find themselves in Hell due to resignation.  They have reigned themselves to this abode based on their choices.  God makes it perfectly clear AND easy to avoid being resigned to Hell just by believing on His Son Jesus and confessing ones sins and Faith in Him.  Therefore we have the Christ-mas season.  Jesus born in the flesh for all or anyone of us to say ‘Yes’ to His call of ‘come…follow Me’.

And this is the reason for our book, “A Day in Hell; Death to Life to Hope”.  That all who read it may find their everlasting hope in Hope incarnate Jesus Christ this Holiday Season…

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Its a great and terrible day

April 17, 2010

Well let’s see; theres both a great and terrible day coming soon. Jesus is coming for His bride soon hence judgement nears. I was judged once when I by legal rights was assigned to hell upon my death from gunshot to the head. Yet it was not a final judgement in that the Mercy of God triumphed over the law when my wife petioned for my return to life. So I guess this post is simply to through first hand knowledge back up verse Joe 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of Jehovah cometh. And verse Mal 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of Jehovah come. Mal 4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. Jesus is coming back and it will be both a great and terrible day deprnding on which side of the line you’re standing. May I suggest standing on the same side that Jesus drew with His own Blood many years ago. To be continued

Breath of life

March 29, 2010

Breathing air is not something a person thinks much about unless they have a breathing ailment or the air is contaminated to the point of causing irritation yes?
When God formed the first man Adam from the dust of the Earth He breathed into mans nostrils breath giving him the Spirit of life. “Gen 2:7 And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Could it be that in Hell is no said Spirit of life only ones soul to be cast unto eternal torment ultimately to be thrown into the lake of fire at the end of the ages?
Today on 18th year of my release from Hell by the Almighty I’m reflective of that horrific event.
I had no breath in the dark cell. There was no air for me to breath yet I felt no suffocation either. I felt an eternal nonexistence. A horrifying knowing that I was no longer alive. No breath. No thoughts no emotions. Flooded and overcome with despair, dread and hopelessness in a pitch black eternal realm outside of God where evil resides and has been given an authority of it’s own.
Yet our Heavenly Daddy was able to penetrate the boundaries of Heaven and Hell with His very Hand plucking my soul from it’s constraints resurrecting my mortal body. And He did this at the legal petition from my wife.  Let the Hand of God pluck you from any mire about you this day for I like you am a child of the living God here to do His will so be encouraged by His extravagant love for you as an individual right now in Jesus Name…

Announcing the completion of “A Day in Hell; Death to Life to Hope”

March 28, 2010

Nine-millimeter shots rang out from every direction. The shooter stood on the corner of the cracked concrete sidewalk. He squeezed the trigger of an Uzi machine gun, anger pumping through his veins, spraying bullets into the crowd outside of the building. Matthew was hit from behind, the 9 mm bullet piercing the back of his head, instantly knocking him to the ground… dead.

A Day in Hell is the riveting, true-life account of one man’s descent to the bowels of hell after dying from a gunshot wound to the head in March of 1992, and the true, wholehearted prayer of love by his newly wedded wife. Matthew survived, waking up twenty-seven days later. Unbeknownst to all those surrounding him, God had pulled him from his cell in hell and said, “It’s not your time.” A Day in Hell is a story flooded with hope and inspiration as this young couple figures out how to plot their new life.