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Now let’s get this right!!

December 16, 2010

There’s a lot of talk out there on why is it so important to keep hammering home the topic of ‘The reality of Hell’ especially during the Christmas season.  We want happy go lucky make me feel good messages this season not a heavy scary topic such as Hell.  Well this is all I can say the topic of the reality of Hell is quite definitely one of Joy when looked at from it’s depth of perspective that is offered here.  Yes Hell is an actual physical place full of eternal experiential torments just as Jesus taught but that’s the good news of the gospel…Hell can be avoided…God gave us the answer by way of His Son Jesus!!!!!

And that’s what so many get confused about when they see the title to our book.  So get yourself a copy..go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Tate Publishing get yourself a wider perspective on things and enjoy life…but do do remember Jesus is the only way to eternal life in the hereafter…

Say what??? What’s the reason 4 the season?

December 15, 2010

Lately our ministry has been involved in many Radio & Television broadcast Interviews.  The prevalent theme is based upon the fact that many in the church and outside of the Faith are finding it ‘inconvenient’ to believe in some very basic biblical principles, ‘Old Paths’ if you will allow the analogy from a recent sermon at the church we attend, Free Chapel in Georgia.  One of those basic premises that Jesus taught on frequently was the reality of the existence of Hell.  Many argue “how could a loving God first create such a horrific place and secondly send unbelievers and unrepentant sinners there?  That leads me to my title..God in fact doesn’t send anyone to Hell, as 2Peter 3:9 mentions, “..He desires nome to perish”.  People find themselves in Hell due to resignation.  They have reigned themselves to this abode based on their choices.  God makes it perfectly clear AND easy to avoid being resigned to Hell just by believing on His Son Jesus and confessing ones sins and Faith in Him.  Therefore we have the Christ-mas season.  Jesus born in the flesh for all or anyone of us to say ‘Yes’ to His call of ‘come…follow Me’.

And this is the reason for our book, “A Day in Hell; Death to Life to Hope”.  That all who read it may find their everlasting hope in Hope incarnate Jesus Christ this Holiday Season…

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