Endorsements for “A Day in Hell; Death to Life to Hope”

From time to time God gives humanity a gift of not
only hearing about, but seeing and experiencing what’s
beyond this life. He has chosen Matthew and Nancy
Botsford to be instruments to communicate to us
the awful reality of hell and eternity without Christ.
Through Matthew’s being shot in the head and subsequent
suffering, an urgent message of warning and
hope has come to us. This testimony will change your
— Dan Slade, International Coordinator,
Partners in Harvest, Toronto, Canada

Matthew and Nancy Botsford have a first-hand testimony
of what the future holds without God, and what
it can become with Him! Their testimony offers real
hope when it seems there is none to be found. You will
be extremely blessed from hearing what God has done
and what He will do for you!
— David White, Pastor of Morning Star Fellowship
Church, Wilkesboro, North Carolina

In an instant life changed for Matt and Nancy Botsford.
They were literally thrust into hell, both physically
and spiritually. Yes, there is a hell — and yes there
is redemption. This book is the story of their journey.
Thank God, mercy triumphs over judgment!
— R. A. Beisner, author, pastor, and
retired NYS Supreme Court Justice

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