Now let’s get this right!!

There’s a lot of talk out there on why is it so important to keep hammering home the topic of ‘The reality of Hell’ especially during the Christmas season.  We want happy go lucky make me feel good messages this season not a heavy scary topic such as Hell.  Well this is all I can say the topic of the reality of Hell is quite definitely one of Joy when looked at from it’s depth of perspective that is offered here.  Yes Hell is an actual physical place full of eternal experiential torments just as Jesus taught but that’s the good news of the gospel…Hell can be avoided…God gave us the answer by way of His Son Jesus!!!!!

And that’s what so many get confused about when they see the title to our book.  So get yourself a copy..go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Tate Publishing get yourself a wider perspective on things and enjoy life…but do do remember Jesus is the only way to eternal life in the hereafter…

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